30 Jun - 3 Jul, 2021

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Instructors: Diego Garfias, Claudia Zirión, Aarón Jaime

Helpers: Vanessa Arellano, Nelly Sélem, Ricardo Avelar, Abel Lovaco, Diana Oaxaca, Abraham Avelar, Mauricio Ruiz

General Information

Where: Parque de Innovación AGROBIOTEG Av. Camino Real De Guanajuato, 36547 Irapuato, Guanajuato · 5.37 km.. Get directions with OpenStreetMap or Google Maps.

When: 30 Jun - 3 Jul, 2021. Add to your Google Calendar.

Requirements: Participants must bring a laptop with a Mac, Linux, or Windows operating system (not a tablet, Chromebook, etc.) that they have administrative privileges on. They should have a few specific software packages installed (listed below).

Accessibility: We are committed to making this workshop accessible to everybody. The workshop organizers have checked that:

Materials will be provided in advance of the workshop and large-print handouts are available if needed by notifying the organizers in advance. If we can help making learning easier for you (e.g. sign-language interpreters, lactation facilities) please get in touch (using contact details below) and we will attempt to provide them.

Contact: Please email or for more information.

Roles: To learn more about the roles at the workshop (who will be doing what), refer to our Workshop FAQ.

Code of Conduct

Everyone who participates in Carpentries activities is required to conform to the Code of Conduct. This document also outlines how to report an incident if needed.

Collaborative Document

We will use this Collaborative Document, for chatting, taking notes, and sharing URLs and bits of code.

Remote Servers

You can log-in to the remote server using these instructions.
Here, you will find an ip-adress to connect to your remote server. Each one will have a different adress to prevent us from accidentally changing each other's files as we work through the exercises. The password will be the same for everyone, ask your instructor!


Please be sure to complete these surveys before and after the workshop.

Pre-workshop Survey

Post-workshop Survey



To participate in a workshop, you will need access to software as described below. In addition, you will need an up-to-date web browser.

We maintain a list of common issues that occur during installation as a reference for instructors that may be useful on the Configuration Problems and Solutions wiki page.

Please check the “Setup” page of the lesson site for instructions to follow to obtain the software and data you will need to follow the lesson.